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A story of goldi hemp



At our company, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible CBD products through the use of cutting-edge production techniques.

Our hemp is carefully cultivated in organic, non-GMO soil to meet the highest standards for purity, potency, and overall quality.

As a result, we are able to offer premium CBD products at fair and reasonable prices.

From seeds to shelf

Creating top-tier CBD products requires a careful and thorough process that includes cultivating, harvesting, drying, and processing hemp, as well as extracting, refining, and purifying it using specialized equipment. For more information about our process, please visit the link provided here.

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Our hemp is grown organically outdoors in the EU, free from the use of pesticides, GMOs, and any harmful additives.


Our hemp strains are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, and contain up to 0.2% THC.

Once our hemp is harvested, it goes through a medical-grade CO2 extraction system. Through this process, we are able to utilize the entire plant to extract a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids.

All our extracts are third-party tested to assure quality and potency. Each batch is tested to ensure there are no chemicals, metals or pesticides present, and also determine cannabinoid percentage.

Please view lab results near each product.

Our products are pharmaceutical formulated and made in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We are strongly involved in our production process from seed to shelf in order to provide high quality and effective CBD products.

All you have to do is just order your favorite products online or in one of our locations, and let us take care of the rest.

We ship within EU.

For any questions, please contact us at

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